The Village of the Damned!

Blond hair and light eyes is hardly shocking, but put six or ten of the "children" together and the effect is totally creepzoid! The errie "children" systematically terrorize and take over a villiage scareing the beetlejesus out of the "normal" folk. Their psychic powers seemingly matchless against planes and tanks. Beware THE VILLAGE OF THE DAMNED!

The rock band Metal Church delivers the perfect haunting sound track for "The Village of the Damned" in black and white video! Strumming guitars lead into soaring vocals and cresendous. "In the Valley of the Damned we'll be" indeed!


  1. I must get around to watching the original 'Children of the Damned'. I've only seen the 1995 remake.

  2. Hi Emma!

    I was looking up "Haunted Houses" and found a lot of old Trailers and stuff from the old times (pre-cable). I noticed that there was two movies and I actually saw this one a long time ago. I can't remember what happens of course, but I remember seeing it. It has an eerie motif, kind of like the OUTER LIMITS.